Luís Miguel Rocha February 1976

Luis Miguel Rocha (Porto, February 1976) is a Portuguese writer who became bestseller New York Times in 2009 [1] ( 16 / mass-market paperback, / list.html).

Humanities student was up to the 12th year. He began his professional life as a coach that was responsible for producing masses of TVI, at twenty years of age. Oversaw scripts for English and national producers and was translator of books and short stories have been published. Currently, dedicated solely to writing.

His books are international hits. In The Last Pope exposes a theory about the mysterious death of Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I, involving the Italian Masonic lodge Propaganda Due (P2 Lodge, Two Propaganda) and other international intelligence agencies such as the CIA.

In the sequel of this book, Bala Santa, Luis Miguel Rocha shows another view, this time related to the attack on Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II.

External link’s…
.        Site oficial ( (em português)
2005 – Um País Encantado, Planeta, ISBN 972-731-176-8
2006 – O Último Papa, Saída de Emergência, ISBN 978-972-8839-69-7
2007 – Bala Santa, Paralelo 40, ISBN 978-989-8134-00-4
2009 – A Virgem, Mill Books, ISBN:
2011 – A Mentira Sagrada, Porto Editora, ISBN 9789720043252
2013 – A Filha do Papa, Porto Editora, ISBN: 978-972-0-04411-2

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