Francisco José Viegas 14 March 1962

Francisco José Pereira de Almeida Viegas (Pocinho, Vila Nova de Foz Coa, Vila Nova de Foz Coa, March 14, 1962) is a writer, editor, journalist and political português1 .2
Lived up to eight years in Pocinho, today the last railway stop the Douro. Moved Keys when parents, schoolteachers, were placed there.
He graduated in Portuguese Studies, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, New University of Lisbon in 1983 and was assistant Linguistics at the School of Social Sciences, University of Évora, until 1987.
Left teaching to devote himself to journalism, having been part of the wording of several Portuguese newspapers such as the Jornal de Letras, Express, Weekly, The Liberal, The Journal, Se7e, Daily News, The Independent, Record, Vision, News Magazine, Elle, Around the World and Oceans (that was editor). He was director of the journals RSI and Great Report, and the Sports Gazette. He held the position of Director of the Casa Fernando Pessoa ( between 2006 and 2008, he left to return to the direction of RSI, where he remains. On television, he was the author and presenter of programs on Writing Day (SIC), talk (RTP 2), Read To Believe (RTP 2) Pleasures (BBC1), A Cafe at the Majestic (RTP 2) First Page (BBC1), Open Book ( RTP-N) and Nothing Culture (TVI24). Presented in Writing Day on Antena 1, having been one of the fixed elements of the program The Torto and the law in TVI24.
In addition to journalism, Francisco José Viegas, has published works of poetry, novels, short stories, a play and travel accounts. Your detective novel Far from Manaus (2005) earned him the Grand Prix Romance Novel and the Portuguese Writers Association. He is editor of the Quetzal and author of the blog The Origin of Species ( Religious man, abandoned Catholicism of his family tradition and approached Judaism, the religion of their ancestors, many in Vila Nova de Foz Coa.
His work is published in Brazil, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Colombia.
In the legislative elections of 2011, was elected (independent, integrated in the PSD lists) by Bragança circle. He was appointed Secretary of State for Culture XIX Constitutional Government, a position he previously had had the degree of Ministry. On 25 October 2012, it was reported the departure of Francisco José Viegas the office of Secretary of State for Culture, on request, for “serious health reasons” 3
Before being appointed Secretary of State for Culture XIX Constitutional Government, José Viegas was shown to be contrary to the project Tua Dam, [citation needed] expressing the media that his opinion “But the case of the Tua Line evokes tragedies Recent, more than tragedies evokes the isolation of the region (…) A remnant of dignity and memory should make us run up where the last regional train still runs – to defend (…) So.. defend the last regional train, wherever it is, is to combat this despicable country that destroyed our landscape, our memory and the geography of the time. ” (Read in Magazine, May 2010). [Citation needed]
Recently, when asked their position on this whole issue, including the possibility of the Douro Valley be placed on the endangered World Heritage List, the Secretary of State for Culture was adamant: “The only thing that the government does not admit is losing the classification “4. On 10/12/2012 UNESCO discussed the issue and concluded that the construction of the Foz Tua dam does not jeopardize the classification of the Alto Douro Wine Region as World Heritage Mundial.5
Given the intention of the Government, to which it belonged, to fine any consumer who does not ask invoice, wrote in his blog and in an open letter that if they sought him invoice or on inquirissem have her required, would send delegates of finance “your ass” 6
External link’s …
Blog Origin of Species, by Francisco José Viegas, in partnership with Manuel Alberto Valente editor ( (in Portuguese)
Work’s …
O Verão e Depois (1978)
Fascínio da Monotonia (1982)
Olhos de Água (1983)
Paisagens, Caligrafias (1983)
As imagens (1987)
Todas as coisas (1988)
Poemas (1988)
O Medo do Inverno Seguido de Poemas Irlandeses (1994)
Metade da Vida (2002)
O puro e o impuro (2003)
Se me comovesse o amor (2008)
Regresso por um Rio (1987)
Crime em Ponta Delgada (1989)
Morte no Estádio (1991)
As Duas Águas do Mar (1992)
Um Céu Demasiado Azul (1995)
Um Crime na Exposição (1998)
Um Crime Capital (2001)
Lourenço Marques (2002)
Longe de Manaus (2005)
A Poeira que cai sobre a Terra (2006)
O Mar em Casablanca (2009)
O Colecionador de Erva (2013)
Nas Margens de um Rio (1987)
Comboios Portugueses (1988)
O Voo dos Anjos (1995)
Tão Longe Quanto os Homens (2010)
99 beers + 1 or How Not Die of Thirst in Hell (2006)
O Segundo Marinheiro (1988)
Algumas Distracções (2006)
Um Liberal à Moda Antiga (2008)
Dicionário de Coisas Práticas (2011)
Gender Children
Se Eu Fosse…Nacionalidades (Editora Booksmile, 2010)
Notes …
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