Honkaku Mystery Grand Prizes

Honkaku Mystery Writers Club of Japan (本格ミステリ作家クラブ Honkaku Misuteri Sakka Kurabu) is a Japan-based organization for mystery writers who write Honkaku (i.e. authentic, orthodox) mystery.
The organization was founded on 3 November 2000 by Natsuhiko Kyogoku, Kaoru Kitamura, Tetsuya Ayukawa and the other mystery writers. It is currently chaired by Rintaro Norizuki and claims about 150 members.
It presents the Honkaku Mystery Grand Prize to writers every year and produces the annual anthology.
Honkaku (i.e. authentic, orthodox) mystery is one of sub-genres of mystery fiction that focuses on “fair play”.
Mystery novels written during the “Golden Age” of the mystery novel (e.g., the Ellery Queen novels) are regarded as examples of Honkaku mystery.
1. Arisu Arisugawa (2000-2005) [1]
2. Kaoru Kitamura (2005-2009)
3. Masaki Tsuji (2009-2013)
4. Rintaro Norizuki (2013- ) [2]
Anthologies… The HMC started producing the annual anthology in 2001.
Honkaku Mystery 01 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2001, ISBN 4-06-182195-4)
Honkaku Mystery 02 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2002, ISBN 4-06-182251-9)
Honkaku Mystery 03 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2003, ISBN 4-06-182320-5)
Honkaku Mystery 04 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2004, ISBN 4-06-182377-9)
Honkaku Mystery 05 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2005, ISBN 4-06-182435-X)
Honkaku Mystery 06 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2006, ISBN 4-06-182484-8)
Honkaku Mystery 07 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2007, ISBN 978-4-06-182530-7)
Honkaku Mystery 08 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2008, ISBN 978-4-06-182599-4)
Honkaku Mystery 09 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2009, ISBN 978-4-06-182654-0)
Honkaku Mystery 10 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2010, ISBN 978-4-06-182720-2)
Best Honkaku Mystery 2011 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2011, ISBN 978-4-06-182782-0)
Best Honkaku Mystery 2012 (Kodansha, Tokyo, 2012, ISBN 978-4-06-182837-7)
External link’s…
.        Official site (http://honkaku.com/)(Japanese)
.        Honkaku Mystery Writers Club of Japan (2010), Honkaku Misuteri Taisho Zen Sempyo 2001-2010 / Honkaku Mystery Grand Prize All Selecting And Commenting ( 2001- 2010), Kobunsha, Tokyo
.        Shimpo, Hirohisa (2000), “Honkaku”. Nihon Misuteri Jiten, Shinchosha, Tokyo
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