RBA International Prize for Crime Writing

RBA International Prize for Crime Writing (Spanish: Premio RBA de Novela Negra) is a Spanish literary award said to be the world’s most lucrative crime fiction prize at €125,000.[1]
It is funded by Barcelona- based multimedia publishing company RBA.
               2007 – Francisco González Ledesma, Una novela de barrio (A Neighborhood’s Novel)[2]
               2008 – Andrea Camilleri, La muerte de Amalia Sacerdote (Amalia Sacerdote’s Death) [2]
               2009 – Philip Kerr, If the Dead Rise Not [1]
               2010 – Harlan Coben, Live Wire[3]
               2011 – Patricia Cornwell, Red Mist
               2012 – Michael Connelly, The Black Box[4]
               2013 – Arnaldur Indridason, Skuggasund (Shadow Channel)[5]
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.        Premio RBA de Novela Negra (http://www.serienegra.es/), official website
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