Prix du Polar Européen

The Prix du Polar Européen (English: European Crime Fiction Prize) is a French literary prize awarded each year for the best crime novel by a European author in French or a French translation. The award was launched by the weekly magazine Le Point in 2003.
The jury is composed of police officers, publishing professionals and journalists.
The prize was originally delivered to the winning author at the opening of the Nice Book Festival but, since 2007, it has been awarded at the Quais du Polar in Lyon.
The President of the first jury was Charles Diaz, the former Inspector-General of the IGPN (“Inspection Générale de la Police Nationale” or General Inspectorate of the National Police).
The President of the tenth jury, in 2012, was the French politician Jean-Louis Debré.
               2003 – Laura Grimaldi . La Colpa (1990) (Geneviève Leibrich) . Italy
               2004 – Bill James . Protection (1988) (Danièle & Pierre Bondil) . United Kingdom
               2005 – Laura Wilson . The Lover (2004) (Marie-Lise Marlière) . United Kingdom
               2006 – Giancarlo De Cataldo . Romanzo Criminale (2002) (Catherine Siné & Serge Quadruppani) . Italy
               2007 – John Harvey . Ash and Bone (2005) (Jean-Paul Gratias)  . United Kingdom
               2008 – Arnaldur Indriðason . Kleifarvatn (2004) (Éric Boury) . Iceland
               2009 – Philip Kerr . The One From the Other (2006) (Johan-Frédérik Hel-Guedj) . United Kingdom
               2010 – David Moitet . Suicide Cellulaire (As listed by Editions Pocket) . France
               2011 – Declan Hughes . The Wrong Kind of Blood (2006) (Aurélie Tronchet) . Ireland
               2012 – Víctor del Árbol . La Tristeza del Samurái (2011) (Claude Bleton) . Spain
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