Henning Mankell 3 February 1948

Henning Mankell (born 3 February 1948) is a Swedish crime writer, children’s author and dramatist, best known for a series of mystery novels starring his most famous creation, Inspector Kurt Wallander.
Mankell was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1948. His parents divorced when he was one year old, and for a majority of his childhood lived with his father, Ivar, and an older sister.
The three lived first in Sveg (Härjedalen), where his father was a district judge, and later, Borås (Västergötland).[1]
Mankell’s grandfather,also named Henning Mankell (1868–1930), was a composer. At the age of 20 he had already started a career as author and assistant director at the Riksteater in Stockholm. In the following years he collaborated with several theatres in Sweden.
After living in Zambia and other African countries, Mankell was invited to become the artistic director of Teatro Avenida in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.
He now spends at least half the year in Maputo working with the theatre and writing.
Recently he built up his own publishing house (Leopard Förlag) in order to support young talents from Africa and Sweden.
He is married to Eva Bergman, daughter of Ingmar Bergman.
On 12 June 2008, he was awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.[2]
Mankell developed two original stories for the German police series Tatort. Actor Axel Milberg, who portrays Inspector Klaus Borowski, had asked Mankell to contribute to the show as the two were promoting The Chinaman audiobook, a project that Milberg had worked on. The episodes were scheduled to broadcast in Germany in 2010.[3][4]
Mankell was set to work on a screenplay for Sveriges Television about his father-in-law, the famous movie and theatre director Ingmar Bergman, during 2010, on a series produced in four one-hour episodes.
Production was planned for 2011.
Mankell pitched the project to Sveriges Television and will include international coproducers/financiers.[5]
The plan is now to start filming in 2014 and publish the television series and a possible long film next year.[6]
In January 2014 Mankell told in public that he had been diagnosed with cancer. In May he reported that treatments had worked well and he was getting better.[7]
In his youth Mankell was a left-wing political activist and participated in the Protests of 1968 in Sweden, protesting against, among other things, the Vietnam War, the Portuguese Colonial War, and the Apartheid regime in South Africa.
Furthermore, he got involved with the society Folket i Bild/Kulturfront which focused on cultural policy studies.[9]
In the 1970s, Mankell moved from Sweden to Norway and lived with a Norwegian woman who was a member of the Maoist Workers’ Communist Party. He took an active part in their actions but did not
join the party.[10]
In 2002 Mankell gave financial support by buying stocks for 50,000 NOK in the Norwegian left-wing newspaper Klassekampen.[11][12]
In 2009, Mankell was a guest at a Palestinian literary conference.
Thereafter, he claimed to have seen “repetition of the despicable Apartheid system that once treated Africans and coloured as second-class citizens in their own country”.
He also found a resemblance between the Israeli West Bank barrier and the Berlin Wall: “The wall that is currently dividing the country will prevent future attacks, in short term. In the end, it will face the same destiny as the wall that once divided Berlin did.”[13]
Considering the environment the Palestinian people live in, he continued: “Is it strange that some of them in pure desperation, when they cannot see any other way out, decide to become suicide bombers? Not really? Maybe it is strange that there are not more of them.”[14]
Mankell has also stated that he does not support Hezbollah.[15]
In Mankell’s opinion the state of Israel is not to have a future in its current form, as a two-state solution “will not be the end of the historical occupation”.
He claimed not to have encountered antisemitism during his journey, just “hatred against the occupants that is completely normal and understandable”, and he pointed out that “to keep these two things separate is crucial”.[16]
Henning Mankell was on board the MS Sofia, one of the boats which took part in the flotilla which tried to break the Israeli embargo of the Gaza strip.[17]
Following the Israel Defense Forces’ boarding of the flotilla on the morning of May 31, 2010, Mankell was deported to Sweden. He subsequently called for global sanctions against Israel.[18]
In 2010 he was reported to be considering halting Hebrew translations of his books.[19]
However in June 2011, Mankell stated in an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that he was in fact not considering preventing his books from being translated into Hebrew, and that anonymous persons had stolen his identity to make this false claim.
Mankell was supposed to be one of twenty Swedish participants in “Freedom Flotilla II” which never took place.[21] It was originally scheduled to sail to Gaza in June 2011.[22]
In 2007, Henning Mankell donated 15 million Swedish Crowns (about 1,5 million euros) to SOS Children’s Villages for a village in Chimoio in western Mozambique.[24]
Mankell has donated vast amounts of money to charitable organizations like SOS Children’s Villages and Hand in Hand.[25]
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.        “Stopped by Apartheid”: article written on return from 2009 (http://www.palfest.org/mankellaftonbladet.html) Palestine Festival of Literature
.        Audio: Henning Mankell in conversation on the BBC World Service discussion show (http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/documentaries/2009/08/090803_forum_020809.shtml) The Forum
.        Henning Mankell on Gaza flotilla attack: ‘I think they went out to murder (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jun/03/gaza-flotilla-attack-henning-mankell), The Guardian 3 June 2010
Crime fiction
Kurt Wallander
          Mördare utan ansikte (1991; English translation by Steven T. Murray: Faceless Killers, 1997)
          Hundarna i Riga (1992; English translation by Laurie Thompson: The Dogs of Riga, 2001)
          Den vita lejoninnan (1993; English translation by Laurie Thompson: The White Lioness, 1998)
          Mannen som log (1994; English translation by Laurie Thompson: The Man Who Smiled, 2005)
          Villospår (1995; English translation by Steven T. Murray: Sidetracked, 1999) Gold Dagger 2001 Fotografens död (1996)
          Den femte kvinnan (1996; English translation by Steven T. Murray: The Fifth Woman, 2000)
          Steget efter (1997; English translation by Ebba Segerberg: One Step Behind, 2002)
          Brandvägg (1998; English translation by Ebba Segerberg: Firewall, 2002)
          Pyramiden (1999; short stories; English translation by Ebba Segerberg with Laurie Thompson: The Pyramid, 2008)
          Handen (“The Hand”) Novella originally published in Dutch (2004) as Het Graf (The Grave).[29] Published in Swedish (2013). (English translation: An Event in Autumn, 2014)
          Den orolige mannen (2009; English translation by Laurie Thompson: The Troubled Man, 2011)[30][31]
Linda Wallander
          Innan frosten (2002; English translation by Ebba Segerberg: Before the Frost, 2005)
          Danslärarens återkomst (2000; English translation by Laurie Thompson: The Return of the Dancing Master, 2004)
          Kennedys hjärna (2005; English translation by Laurie Thompson: Kennedy’s Brain, 2007, U.S. release)
          Kinesen (2007; English translation by Laurie Thompson: The Man from Beijing, 2010)
Other fiction
          Vettvillingen (1977)
          Fångvårdskolonin som försvann (1979)
          Dödsbrickan (1980)
          En seglares död (1981)
          Daisy Sisters (1982)
          Sagan om Isidor (1984)
          Leopardens öga (1990); English translation by Steven T. Murray: The Eye of the Leopard, (2008)
          Comédia infantil (1995); English translation by Tiina Nunnally: Chronicler of the Winds, (2006)
          Vindens son (2000); English translation by Steven T. Murray: Daniel (2010)
          Tea-Bag (2001) English translation by Ebba Segerberg: The Shadow Girls (2012)
          Djup (2004); English translation by Laurie Thompson: Depths, (2006)
          Italienska skor (2006); English translation by Laurie Thompson: Italian Shoes, (2009)
          Minnet av en Smutsig Ängel (2011); English translation by Laurie Thompson: A Treacherous Paradise, (2013)
Children’s books
Books about Sofia
          Secrets in the Fire – 2000 (Eldens hemlighet, 1995)
          Playing with Fire – 2002 (Eldens gåta, 2001)
          The Fury in the Fire – 2009 (Eldens vrede, 2005)
Joel Gustafsson series
          A Bridge to the Stars – 2005 (Hunden som sprang mot en stjärna – 1990)
          Shadows in the Twilight – 2007 (Skuggorna växer i skymningen – 1991)
          When the Snow Fell – 2007 (Pojken som sov med snö i sin säng – 1996)
          The Journey to the End of the World – 2008 (Resan till världens ände – 1998)
For younger children
          The Cat Who Liked Rain – 2007
Film and television
Mankell has also written original screenplays for television.
          Etterfølgeren (1997)[32]
          Labyrinten (2000) TV mini-series
          Talismanen (2003) TV mini-series (co-written with Jan Guillou)
          Unnamed Ingmar Bergman docudrama (2012) TV mini-series[33]
          Älskade syster (1983) – Beloved Sister Antiloperna
          Apelsinträdet (1983) – The Orange Tree Att Storma Himlen
          Berättelser På Tidens Strand
          Bergsprängaren (1973)
          Butterfly Blues
          Daisy Sisters (1982)
          Darwins kapten (2010) – Darwin’s Captain Den Samvetslöse Mördaren Hasse Karlsson… Dödsbrickan (1980)
          Eldens gåta (2001) – Fire Riddle
          En Gammal Man Som Dansar
          En Höstkväll Innan Tystnaden
          En seglares död (1981) – Death of a Sailor
          Fångvårdskolonin som försvann (1979)
          I sand och i lera (1999) – In Sand and Mud
          In Duisternis (2010) – Time of Darkness
          Innan Gryningen
          Italienska skor (2006) – Italian shoes
          Jag dör, men minnet lever (2003) – I Die, but the Memory Lives
          Kakelugnen På Myren
          Katten som älskade regn (1992) The Cat that Loved Rain
          Labyrinten (2000) – The Labyrinth
          Mannen Som Byggde Kojor
          Möte Om Eftermiddagen
          Och Sanden Ropar…
          Pojken som sov med snö i sin säng (1996) – The Boy Who Slept with Snow in His Bed
          Politik (2010) – Politics
          Resan till värdens ände (1998) – Journey to The End of the World
          Sagan om Isidor (1984) Isidor’s Saga
          Sandmålaren (1974) – Sand painter
          Svarte Petter
          Tea-Bag (2001)
          Tyckte Jag Hörde Hundar[34][35]
          Vettvillingen (1977) – The Maniac
1991 – Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy, Best Swedish Crime Novel Award for Faceless Killers 1991 – The Nils Holgersson Prize for A Bridge to the Stars
1992 – The Glass Key Award For Best Nordic Crime Novel: Faceless Killers
1993 – Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis for A Bridge to the Stars
1995 – Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy, Best Swedish Crime Novel Award for Sidetracked
1996 – Swedish Astrid Lindgren Prize
2001 – Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger for Best Crime Novel of the Year: Sidetracked
2001 – Corine Literature Prize for One Step behind
2005 – Gumshoe Award for Best European Crime Novel: The Return of the Dancing Master
2008 – Corine Literature Prize for the German Audiobook The Man from Beijing
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ship-blood). The Guardian.
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television adaptation
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