What history… of the men… of the knife… of the beginning?!… or exist someone else?!… just in the ancient literature

Everyone has a past. As much as each one lie, try to hide, ignore or overlook …
But if that happens, with the characters of a book, the story of detective fiction tries increasingly be clarified, unveiled and supplemented.
Which brings us to discuss some of the most important sub-genres of detective fiction, from past to present.
So going through the different continents … we will try to have a general and succinct overview of how this began and evolved.
In ancient literature
‘Some scholars have suggested that certain ancient and religious texts bear similarities to what would later be called detective fiction. In the Old Testament story of Susanna and the Elders (the Protestant Bible locates this story within the apocrypha), the account told by two witnesses breaks down when Daniel cross- examines them.
The author Julian Symons has commented on writers who see this as a detective story, arguing that “those who search for fragments of detection in the Bible and Herodotus are looking only for puzzles” and that these puzzles are not detective stories.[1]
In the play Oedipus Rex by Ancient Greek playwright Sophocles, the title character discovers the truth about his origins after questioning various witnesses.
Although “Oedipus’s enquiry is based on supernatural, pre-rational methods that are evident in most narratives of crime until the development of Enlightenment thought in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries”, this narrative has “all of the central characteristics and formal elements of the detective story, including a mystery surrounding a murder, a closed circle of suspects, and the gradual uncovering of a hidden past.”[2]’
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